Huge update!

March 29th, 2013 about soofw

Well, well, well... where to start. I've added a few new features to the site and made a ton of changes in the source. Here's really simple changelog:

  • SCSS instead of CSS ‒ oh my god why have I never used this before.
  • Some CSS3 transitions ‒ just because they're neat.
  • Projects page ‒ for my personal projects and whatnot.
  • Demos page style update ‒ to be more readable and consistent with the projects page.
  • New page header ‒ you know, up there ^^^ for navigating the site and stuff.
  • No JavaScript ‒ I had some JavaScript loading on each page for no particular reason... now I don't!
  • New error page ‒ because I needed one.
  • Refactored code ‒ because I needed to.
  • Almost open source ‒ the code is almost reaching a level where I feel comfortable letting everyone in the whole world see it.

The end.