How to Learn Vim

February 17th, 2013 about vim

Well, at least that's what I was planning on writing today... Unfortunately, I got a little distracted by the idea of rewriting this web site to use Python instead of PHP. It's not that I hate PHP (I do) or anything, but I've recently become fascinated with Python. I've tried this before, but it ended rather quickly because I was completely unfamiliar with Python, web frameworks in general, and the specific framework I was using (Django). Since I've gained significantly more experience with Python, hopefully I'm much more prepared for attempt two.

Since I was originally going to write about learning Vim, I also wanted to show off this neat Chrome extension I just discovered: Vimium. Essentially, it adds some awesome Vim-style keybindings to the browser, such as hjkl movement, gg and G jumping, and /searching. If you're familiar with Vim, give it a shot. If you're still learning Vim, give it a shot. If you've never used Vim, give Vim a shot. If you've never heard of Vim, look it up and then give it a shot.