Welcome to the wonderful world of soofw. My name is John (aka scizzorz). I'm studying computer science at Binghamton University in New York. You can contact me at jweachock@gmail.com.

This site serves as my code playground and experimental zone. I like playing around with new stuff, so the site is usually under construction. In the meantime, I use it to express my thoughts and try to produce useful content for people. In general, I try to post things that I would like to read about: tools I'm using, my personalized settings, opinions on things, design decisions, work styles, etc. and the rationale behind all of those things. I find that reading about the experiences of other people has certainly influenced the way I work and helped me to become better at the things I do, so I try to replicate that effect and hope that I help someone else find a new tool or learn something new. I have a section to showcase my personal projects, because I like to see what others have made as well. There's a small corner dedicated to interesting articles over here at Delicious, and there's a long list of HTML5 canvas demos over here.

I hope you enjoy your visit!

I'm a fan of Android and Linux. I have a Moto X and a Google Nexus 7 (2013), both running stock Android 4.4. My desktop is running Crunchbang 11 Waldorf with two monitors and a Razer BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard, because mechanical keyboards are awesome. I designed and built my desk with programming and brainstorming in mind; as a result, the desktop surface is a whiteboard. I have an HP Chromebook 11 that I use when I'm out and about, and a small cluster of seven Raspberry Pis that, uhh, do... nothing. I use DigitalOcean as my primary server hosting. I try to host most of my code and configurations on my GitHub, although any confidential or private code is located on my own instance of GitLab.

I use Openbox as my window manager. I use urxvt as my desktop terminal and Secure Shell on my Chromebook, both with a custom color scheme. I use bash as my shell and tmux to make it more useful. For editing text of any sort, I use vim. I use Git for version control on all of my projects. I prefer to use Python for most of my programming, although I have plenty of experience with PHP, JavaScript, and Java. I'm also proficient with SQL, C/C++, Lua, HTML5, and CSS3, and I think Haskell is pretty neat. I've tinkered with Android app development, Arduino, woodworking, etc., but a lot of my free time goes into web programming and scripting neat toys.